Welcome to our Registry!

First of all, please do not feel like you must give us a gift. You coming to our wedding is a gift in and of itself and a blessing for which we would be so incredibly grateful!! But if you would like to bless us with a gift for our big day, we would be so appreciative of your generosity!!

Traditional Registries

We are old. Let's face it. So, being old and getting married means we have a bunch of stuff already, and not in as much need of things as a couple 20+ years younger! But we did set up two registries as there are some things we could really use. I (Laura) bought the set of dishes that we are still using, back in 1998. That's 25 years ago!!! I had just graduated college, and I saw this cute set at Kmart (I miss that store, btw), and so I bought them. They were cheap and cute, and that is just a perfect combo! But they have reached the end of their life. Some emit a foul odor and the glaze cracks when heated in the microwave (that can't be good!) and others have chipped, broken, or have cracks. They are still super cute, but now it's time for them to retire and enjoy their golden years somewhere where there will be no intense heat! So, the majority of the registry is for new dishes - plates, bowls, mugs - which is much needed at this point. And there are a few other things on the lists that we could use and would be really nice to have as well!

Our List at AMAZON or Our List at WALMART

Non-Traditional Giving

For those of you who do not want to mess with online shopping and such, and want something more convenient, we have set up some cash fund options for our guests. And basically, this is a honeymoon fund. It's kind of crazy to say, but we have only gone on one vacation in the last ten years... and that was essentially a long weekend to Southport, NC (which we highly recommend, btw). Because of my (Laura) work schedule, summers were our only time to take vacations, which of course, is a normal time to go on vacations, but was also the only time I felt I had to do all the things I couldn't do throughout the year, like my home projects. It is just something we always put on the backburner... and before you know it, ten years has gone by! But now with this change in our lives-career and marriage-we really want to take a little more time for ourselves and experience more of this beautiful world and create new and meaningful lifelong memories. Life is short, so now we are making it a priority to truly enjoy it! If anyone would like to give this way, we have set up some digital pay services below for your convenience.

Paypal: paypal.me/LauraAnneMeyer or Venmo: venmo.com/LauraAnneMeyer

Reception Card/Gift Table and Wishing Well

For all of you peeps that like to kick it old school, we will have the classic Card and Gift Table, along with a Wishing Well, set up at our reception. No muss. No fuss. If you are not familiar with a Wishing Well, it is simply a place for you to bless us with whatever you'd like to give! But, again, the most important thing is to have you there at our wedding!!!! We can't wait to see each of you and to celebrate with each of you! Let's rock this wedding out!!!



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